Pass the cheese, please

I always catch myself standing dumbfounded in front of the cheese fridge at the grocery store, confused about which slice to pair with my Merlot. I’ll default to a classic sharp cheddar, but honestly have no idea if that’s even close to the right type of pairing. I’ll go home, uncork my bottle of wine and enjoy my mediocre cheese pairing. Despicable.

Enter: The Tasting Board. The other day my buddy told me about this quiz he took online that matched him with his favorite cheeses. I’m a sucker for quizzes so after he left, I went online and took the quiz too. It asked me questions about how I take my coffee (black, of course), what my favorite fruit is, and even my preferred dessert.

Coffee Question.jpg

All of my answers helped match me with my four new favorite cheeses, according to the algorithm created by two MIT grads. And I’ve got to say, they sound amazing. Like Sweet Fire Mango Jack? Or a 2-year Aged White Cheddar? I don’t think I could have entered my credit card information fast enough. Not only do these cheeses sound amazing, but they are amongst the highest-awarded cheeses in the world (they are The Big Cheese of Cheeses, if you will).

The next time you find yourself awestruck in the cheese aisle like me, venture out and take The Tasting Board’s quiz. It’s completely free and well worth it. And if you do decide you want to try a shipment, be sure to follow this 50 percent discount link. It’s so refreshing to try something different, and no, the cheese sticks your mom packed in your middle school lunches don’t count.


Full disclosure: I’ve been a Bright Cellars employee for a while now (but a wine and cheese enthusiast for much longer). I am constantly inspired by the level of innovation and creativity around me that goes into something as seemingly simple as wine and cheese. They really do go above and beyond to make sure this experience, and your matches, are incredible.